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California Trip

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About a month ago (it feels like forever!), Sunil and I headed out to California to visit my brother and his family - and I'm just NOW getting around to editing and blogging the images! Why? Because life gets busy, that's why.  

Fact #1: I love traveling with this man. So far in our 2 years of marriage we've driven to Minnesota over 15 times, flown to Maine and North Carolina, wandered around India for a month, and now California! It's safe to say we've got this traveling thing DOWN. 

Fact #2: I make piles and he packs. He's an expert. 

Fact #3: I can't wait to have kids with this guy! Somehow he managed to become my nieces' favorite person in the WORLD about 30 seconds after they met him. He puts my aunt skills to shame. 


Fact #4: I have absolutely gorgeous nieces. Need proof?

Fact #5: Sunil is becoming a fantastic photographer. Sometimes before photo shoots I let him take pictures of me. 


Fact #6: The reason we went to California was because my oldest brother Brad was graduating from The Master's Seminary! He's going to continue on to get his PHD but it was SO fun to be able to see him graduate summa cum laude. This man is a genius. 

Fact #7: Exhausted kids are either little monsters or little comedians. 

And sometimes they create awesome caricatures. :)


On our last day, we drove away from the desert (after some rental car tire issues) to see... 

THE OCEAN! Because how can you go to California without catching a glimpse of the Big Blue? 

Fact #8: My parents are adorable when they snuggle. 


Fact #9: I burnt to a crisp. But it was the there's-an-ocean-and-this-is-so-much-better-than-Kansas kind of crisp. This is pre-crisp.  

Laying on the beach for 6 hours is the best feeling in the world. 


After the beach, we wandered around the coast and ate at a family owned restaurant. 

Fact #10: I had no idea that Swordfish is SO delicious! 

blog 2.jpg

Fact #11: He makes a great looking beach bum. 


Fact #12: I have no idea how Californians keep their homes sand-free. It seems impossible to me when even the ROADS are covered in sand. 

Fact #13: Sunsets on the beach are breathtaking. 

The next day we headed home to Kansas, and the sunburn followed us. A token of all the wonderful memories... and of course, the beautiful ocean. :) 

Happy Friday!