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Chris & Ashley | Proposal

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So, do you remember two of the sweetest people on earth? Well, I got to meet Ashley and her lovely daughter, Mckenzie, a few months ago, and although I knew God would do amazing things in her life... I NEVER thought that one day I'd be sharing a blog post like this! I'm a little bit excited. :)

So, long story short... there's this guy named Chris (who we also know and love) that stole her heart a long time ago, and when they recently began to navigate life side by side, it became pretty apparent to them and everyone else around them that they were meant to be together. So after much counsel and wisdom-seeking and prayer, Chris decided it was about time to pop the question. And I got to be there!! 


Chris proposed to Ashley (and Mckenzie!) in a little park a few weeks ago, and asked me to be nearby so I could capture their immediate excitement and joy. I just love these two so much! :)

Sunil and I have loved watching this little family develop... and in so many ways, they just fit SO well! 

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The best part about these love-birds is the way they laugh together. Having known Chris for years, we were really hoping and praying that he would someday be matched with someone who fit his quirky, crazy, super-awkward and hilarious personality. Chris, you found a keeper!!


Mckenzie was so excited to be a part of Chris's proposal! Right after Chris got down on one knee, Mckenzie blurted out, "Mommy say YES!!" right away! She loves seeing her momma so happy. :)


Chris and Ashley... wow. Just wow. You have been blessed beyond comprehension and I've gotten to see it! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your lives... and your wedding! ;) Love you two so much!