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Chris and Alexa - Kansas City Wedding

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I'm in the Memphis airport, surrounded by cowboy hats, grateful I did not marry a cowboy. Not that I hate cowboys… I just would rather have an Indian. My husband and I are flying to North Carolina today for a wedding this weekend. One of our close friends is getting married, and I get to photograph the wedding! I love weddings. :)

Speaking of weddings, today I FINALLY get to share with you Chris and Alexa's wedding from waaay back in September! (Remember their engagement shoot? Yup, they were actually already married.) I met these two right after Sunil and I got married in March when they started attending our church. Chris and Alexa are having a huge wedding bash next July 4th in Maine (Woot! Can't wait!), but they wanted to make it official a few months early with a few of their closest friends and family.



I loved the simplicity of their wedding. Wanting to keep it as easy as possible for everyone, we showed up at the church a half an hour before the ceremony.



Ever the sweetheart, Chris sent her a gift while she was getting ready.






Alexa wore a dress she already owned - simple, white and gorgeous.



The girls in our small group showed up early to show some love. :)






And then we prayed over her. I adore those moments.






Chris, accompanied by his dad, anxiously waited to see his bride.


















Their ceremony was going to be extremely brief, but some friends surprised them with a worship song they loved.









It's official! :)



And of course... dancing down the aisle to "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys... classic! :)





















While everyone headed over to the reception site (aka - Olive Garden), I stole the happy couple for a few minutes outside the church.



So thankful it stopped raining!



Can't you just see the relief on their faces? :)






He makes her eyes sparkle... :)


















After pictures, we headed over to Olive Garden for some yummy food.









Chris and Alexa, your first wedding was beautiful... and I'm sure your second wedding will be even more beautiful! :) Can't wait for July!