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Christmas 2013

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Christmas. This year was the first time we'd spent the holiday season in our beloved Kansas City - and for that I was thrilled! It was so fun to be able to make our own traditions and spend Christmas in our own city. Yay for no traveling! :) (And no... I really don't care if these straight-out-of-bed photos of us are super flattering or not.)

I surprised him with Globetrotter tickets...

And he surprised me with...

AN EMERALD RING! From India!! :) I almost fell over.

Isn't it gorgeous?? (Don't I have MASSIVE fingers?)

He's so sweet to me. :)

Then we decided it was best if we ditched the straight-out-of-bed look.

My parents were able to drive down from MN to join us for Christmas. My parents are HILARIOUS and we were so glad to spend the holidays with them. Christmas is always better with family.

Some of our best friends, Alex and Nic, were gracious enough to invite all of us over for Christmas dinner...

We are so blessed with amazing friends. :)

And then it turned into a mini-photoshoot.

Just because. :)

And... I figured it was about time for Sunil and I to be in front of the camera too!


I hope you had a Merry Christmas!! :)