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Don't you ever wish you had someone to decorate your house for you? I mean... wouldn't it just be easier if someone else looked at the pictures from your photo shoot, looked at the frames in your house, and made decisions for you? Isn't that half the battle? Making decisions? My sister recently had to make a lot of decisions regarding photos in her house, and she's graciously allowed me to share them with you!


- Step One: Ask for professional help(that's me!).

She's a mom. A busy mom. With three kids, a small business on the side, and she's homeschooling to boot... she's got a lot of on her plate. So she asked for my help! And guess what? I LOVE helping!! And I help for free! Yay! Β She sent me pictures of her empty frames, and shared her expectations of what to display... but she didn't really want to have to make all the decisions about what to get. That's where I come it.

- Step Two: Tell them what you want, and be specific!

Becky didn't want a lot of really posed photos; she wanted more casual. She also wanted some of the family, but also individuals of the kids. I had a pretty good idea of what her favorites were from our past conversations, and her past orders, so it didn't take me long to pull together some ideas.

- Step Three:

Let me do the rest! With the photos that Becky had sent me, I photoshopped in the photos that would look the best. I included a section for the kids...


(These photos are out of proportion - they'll actually go in the frames. I just made them bigger for easier viewing.)


A section for family funness!!



And a section for more intentional posed photos.




Super easy, right? If you're one of my clients, and you loved your photos, but haven't quite gotten around to decorating them... please please let me know!! Take pictures of your empty walls, frames and shelves, and let me know what you want. I'd love to help you.


Happy Thursday!! :)