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Happy mothers day

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You sat in the hospital bed, alone. Holding me in your arms, you knew I'd probably be your last. When I got too feisty and complained about doing chores, you sprayed me with the hose, and laughed silently as I stormed inside.

The youngest of 5, you never were too busy to answer my questions, though they were endless.

Growing up, you were one of my closest friends - someone I would vent to about high school drama.

November 18th, 2009 was the longest day of your life, and I'll never forget the strength that lined your face as you waited for the surgeon's report.

When a relationship arose, and I feared being known and pursued, your wisdom calmed me.

As my wedding day approached, and you slaved away on little details like programs and sticks, you never complained.

Tears threatened to slip down my cheeks when I hugged you and dad goodbye as you left me in Kansas.

Your voice was eager as you heard from me for the first time; you sent me a recipe and said you were praying for us.


You are missed... But these are some memories I treasure of us. Happy Mother's day to my beautiful mother.

I love you.