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Full Circle | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It's been full circle with these two. Their wedding was the first I ever photographed, and then it was their anniversary shoot, and now this: their lovely family. 


These two crazy kids went and had a baby, and he's absolutely adorable! 


I've known Rachel and Jason for many years (I stopped counting after ten!), and although life has taken us to different states with different lives and different communities, we're absolutely still friends. 

Isn't it neat how that happens sometimes? 


It's an amazing privilege watching your friends become parents. 

Suddenly, tenderness and care spring out of a corner in their heart that had yet to be unlocked until that season, and I'm left to marvel at the beautiful people my friends are becoming. 

Rachel and Jason, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you guys this last weekend out in the chilly KS weather!! If you can believe it, we did all these photos in 9 minutes flat! How amazing are we?? Love you guys to the moon and back!