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Hannah Class of 2015 | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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I don't normally photograph seniors, but I make exceptions at times. :) Hannah's sister, Chrissy, is flying me out to New Jersey this summer to photograph her wedding and I've photographed their family  in the past... so I was thrilled to document Hannah's graduation from high school! 

It poured for hours that afternoon, and we almost canceled and rescheduled... 

But then the rain stopped for a few glorious minutes and we took our chances!! 

Unfortunately, the rain started again only moments later... so we hid under some nearby shelters to wait it out and got some BEAUTIFUL shots while we waited. :)

Once the rain stopped, the sun moved in and I just LOVE these back-lit photos of Hannah!! Girl, you are so gorgeous. :)

Chrissy came along for moral support, and when we were done I made them jump in puddles. 

Because PUDDLES. :)

Love these two!!

Hannah, thanks so much for letting me document your senior photos!! It was so much fun hanging out with you (in the pouring rain!). I hope you have a lovely summer, and I'm so excited to see what God's gonna do in your future. :)