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Mother's Day Breakfast | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

Amanda Mohinani3 Comments

Breakfast in bed - one of the BEST Mother's Day gift a mom could ask for.

When my friend Allison asked me to photograph her family enjoying a relaxing meal on their bed I was SO excited!! By the time we figured out our schedules, breakfast in bed turned out to be dinner in bed... but you'd never know from the photos!! Besides, breakfast is best served ALL DAY LONG. :)

Daddy made the pancakes, and the twins got settled into their pajamas.

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It was so cute to see the kids gobble up their food!!

Abe has the cheekiest grin... such a cute giggle!! 

Madeline was far too occupied with her appetite to notice anything out of the ordinary with the whole "eating on the bed" ordeal.... :)

But then tummy's were full and snuggling ensued! 

Allison, you are so loved. :)

I loved getting to see them hang out in their home as a family... you better believe that couch time will be a HUGE favorite in my house when we have kids! :)

Yay!! Favorite!! :)

Allison, happy Mother's Day and thank you SO much for letting me photograph your sweet family - what a fun evening we had together! Love you guys! :)