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Heidi & Dean | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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One of Heidi's first memories of Dean includes fruit snacks.

When they passed on the sidewalk on their way to class, Dean stopped her and asked if she wanted to finish his fruit snacks. Whether this was a ploy to have a conversation with the beautiful girl he admired, or whether he really didn't want to finish his fruit snacks... we may never know! :)

As their friendship continued and their time together increased, Heidi realized she had never felt so understood and comfortable, and Dean knew that this thoughtful, caring woman was genuinely someone he could spend the rest of his life with. This friendship turned into confident trust, and that trust eventually turned into deep love - and OH MY GOODNESS they were so much fun to photograph!! :) 

Their wedding day could NOT have been more beautiful. Perfect weather, perfect temperature, and the perfect couple. 

Heidi wanted to include as many rustic details as possible - to honor Dean's roots. 

Knowing Heidi, it wasn't surprising that she giggled her way through the morning!

Gorgeous sisters!! :)

The church they were married at had a beautiful little courtyard, and I loved these moments when her bridesmaids helped her with the finishing touches of her outfit! 

Her first look with her dad was sweet and extremely emotional. 

And when she finally saw her groom, she instantly melted into his arms! 

They giggled and laughed their way through photos - SO SWEET! :)

Love this!!

Heidi, you are so beautiful!!

Dean looked dashing in his polka-dotted bow tie and vest. Just look at those eyes... :)

They surrounded themselves with family and close friends - people they know they can count on in the years to come. 

Heidi and her sisters are so sweet!

Heidi was so excited and so emotional before the wedding! 

And their vows made just about everyone else cry as well... :)

Husband and wife!!

Heidi and Dean had an adorable cookies and milk themed reception... 

Everything looked delicious!! 

And everyone had so much fun... :) 

Heidi and Dean, congratulations on finally being husband and wife!! Thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful wedding. I pray that God continues to bless you guys with lots of laughs and lots of fruit snacks... Love you guys!! :)