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Norman Family Vacation | South Dakota 2015

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Last month, Sunil and I met up with my family in South Dakota for a whole week of camping!! Growing up, we were big campers and every year we'd pack up all of our awesome camping gear and head to my favorite place on earth - the Black Hills!  It was so fun to include Sunil in our family tradition this year. :) 


One of the things I LOVE about the Black Hills is that there are barely any bugs! That makes exploring and campfires and tents so much better! 

Most of the week it rained - as it usually does when the Norman's are camping. (I swear it follows us around!) 

So on one of those rainy days, we headed to a park called Storybook Island - a playground based on characters in children's books! 

We even had matching t-shirts for everyone that I designed for us! We looked so cool... :)

I'll admit, the best part of my week was following my nieces and nephews around with my camera! :) I only wish my oldest brother and his family could've made it that week!

Lovely sisters! ;)

The whole family troupe with a random dinosaur we found! :)

Grandpa loves his girls! 

The out-laws! 

Apparently Sunil is so skinny that they kids wanted to feed him to fatten him up... 

Mount Rushmore, round one!

Look at mom and dad... trying to be so cool... :)

On another rainy afternoon, we stopped by a Woolly Mammoth dig site to see over 60 skeletons! 

The original 6 - only missing Brad, our oldest brother!! :)

Sunil is definitely the favorite uncle... the kids just adored him! 

Yay! Selfies!


Mount Rushmore round two - ice cream all around! 

Check out dad's massive tarp! This thing has saved us in a rainstorm or two! :)

The wild-life loop! 

Last group photo before we leave!