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Jessica and Charlie | Lifestyle Engagement Photography

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College was where it all started. Charlie was one of the first friends she made that first week of school, and Jessica loved the warm, friendly hugs he always gave her when they ran into each other in the hallways. Charlie couldn't help but notice this seemingly quiet, shy beautiful lady... but quickly realized that Jessica would open up only when she felt safe. Charlie rose to the challenge because he saw what a treasure she is, and the rest is history!!

Jessica and Charlie are such a unique couple to me, because I met them separately a looooong time ago! 

Jessica and I were in Awana together way back in junior high, and Charlie and I met through a Bible study in a neighboring town when I was in high school! I never imagined that these two would meet each other and fall in love, but I'm SO thrilled for them because they're such awesome people! 

We decided to do photos at the college where they met, but when the evening of our scheduled shoot arrived, the rain wouldn't let up. Luckily, I was in the area for more than 24 hours... so we were able to schedule a shoot a few mornings later! They were such troopers to get up early and do a sunrise session with me! 

They might have taken little naps when they thought I wasn't looking... :) 

Jessica gave Charlie free reign when it came to her engagement ring, and I LOVE the ring he picked out for her! It's such a beautiful diamond and setting... gosh, who doesn't love a diamond ring?? 


Crown College has acres and acres of land, and I was so happy that we could explore even a part of it! 

Both of them are such outdoorsy people, that they didn't mind hiking into the woods to appease my creativity.... Just check out those beautiful trees!

Jess and Charlie, I'm so excited for your wedding in October and for the day when you finally get to commit to each other for the rest of your lives!! Marriage is so so fun and I'm so happy that you found each other! Love you guys. :)