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My favorite office mate

Amanda MohinaniComment

Pixel is our beagle. That's actually her hashtag too. (#PixelOurBeagle in fact. And yes, we did give our puppy a hashtag.)

it was mostly my fault. Sunil doesn't really do hashtags, but I felt like she has so much personality she needed her own space on the inter-webs. 

We decided to get a puppy about a year ago to try our luck at keeping a real living mammal alive (I kill plants), and after searching for several months, found a litter of beagle puppies at a nearby shelter. Pixel turns one year old next week and we're both so happy that Sunil convinced me to get a dog (I mostly like the convenient and cute things about dogs).

She happily runs the roost around here with her pleading looks, her sweet snuggles, and her friendly ways. She makes friends with our neighbor kids, sniff checks every guest, and ensures that we are aware when an animal runs through our yard. 

She ensures that I take breaks from the hours of computer screen time I spend for my job, and reminds me that while chewed up shoes can be replaced, no amount of money can buy the cutest office mate in the world. Happy almost birthday, Pixel!