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Kalli and Evin | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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Their story is long and complex. Full of drama, patience, tenderness, and years of waiting. Along the way they've planned two full weddings, only to have their dreams crushed each time as they pick up the pieces of their hopes to try again. 


Kalli and Evin have a long history, and as such they have this comfortable way of falling into place next to each other so naturally. 

Evin LOVES their height difference - a trait others may find awkward - so we giggled and laughed about through their session. 


With Kalli being very short, and Evin being very tall, it's hard not to smile when you see them side-by-side!! :)

The location they chose for their engagement session was the park in which Evin proposed. 

I made them retell their story as we made it to the bridge where he proposed and tempted her with this beautiful ring!! 

I can't wait to be a part of their wedding day soon, and I'm SO happy that God has worked in their lives to give them such immense joy. :) 

Kalli and Evin, I'm SO thankful that you've included me in this amazing (if not stressful) celebration of your patient love for each other. I know this wedding will be worth the wait (you're pretty much pros now!), and I'm so excited to see you guys FINALLY get married!! Love you both! :)