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Kalli and Evin's Wedding | Kansas City Elopement Photographer

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This was the third wedding they planned together, and it felt like an eternity. When more plans fell through for their wedding in March, Kalli and Evin took matters into their own hands and decided it was time to be done waiting. They were ready to finally be married!! 

In under a week, they planned a small, intimate, and beautiful ceremony at Union Station surrounded by just a few family members. The day was simple, yet stunningly elegant. 

Kalli's grey dress, her Tom shoes, and her small bouquet of fresh flowers all matched perfectly - it's amazing what you can put together in just a few days! 

Kalli got ready at home, surrounded by her beloved cats. 

The light behind their house was stunning and made her red hair and lips POP with color!! 

So gorgeous! I'm so glad the sun made an appearance! :) 

Evin was adorably nervous, but was so relieved to see his bride and get married already. :) 

We found a private balcony at Union Station that was out of the way so we wouldn't be bothered. 

My husband officiated the wedding, and it was such a huge honor for us both to be there to support them as they start their new life together. 


(Notice the maintenance guys in the background? Apparently we didn't pick a very private balcony!!) 

Yay!! Married!! 


The light, structure, and decor at Union Station was SO fun to photograph!! I really could've stayed there forever. :) 


So gorgeous, Kalli! :) 

It was chilly and snowy outside, but we kept warm by telling jokes and giggling lots. :)

Love that red hair! 


Favorite!! SO cute!! 


Kalli and Evin, congratulations on FINALLY being married! It's about time, am I right?? Sunil and I were so thrilled to be able to spend New Years Eve with you, and we're so so happy for you guys as you start your new life together. Love you lots! :)