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Sundays are busy days for us. Both Sunil and I are on staff at our church which means early, busy mornings. 

We arrive home to fix an easy lunch and collapse on the couch, soak in the sunshine on our rug (it's the best rug ever, y'all!), and play with our puppy. Best weekend routine ever. 

Pixel is the newest addition to our family and we're pretty smitten with her cuddly ways and her big soft ears. 

At first, I was nervous about getting a dog - the effort, the time, and the training seemed like too much work for an animal... :) 

And then Sunil showed me pictures of tiny little puppies... and my heart melted. (No really. That's all it takes!)

And.... now she's my official cuddle buddy. (Sorry, honey!)

Especially on Sunday afternoons when we curl up in the sunshine. 


And now... I'm pretty convinced that puppies are the best thing ever!! Why didn't we get one sooner? :)