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I'm married now. It seems like years ago he proposed... or has it been just a few months? The whirlwind of preparation, rehearsal, the wedding, honeymoon, packing, moving to Kansas, setting up our home, meeting my new community of people... it seems like years ago. But now that we finally have internet... now that I finally have all my stuff unpacked... now that I can finally breathe again, my head is slowing down. Being home alone all day is amazingly refreshing, and having time to just think is incredible. I know I'll get itchy for photography again (I'm taking a break from shooting for now), but I needed this rest so much.

I'm finally married.

The months and months of waiting to be with him have now seem insignificantly small. Sunil and I are so glad we waited - waited on Jesus to fulfill His perfect plan. Being with him is like being with my other half - it's like we were made to do this. Not without effort and patience, but completely satisfying in every sense of the word. "Work now to rest later... sow now to reap later..." echoes in my heart as I feel this peaceful rest we've worked so hard to sow. This rest that settles into my heart after being fought for for nine, long-distance, and long, distant months. It's finally here.

Rest. What a sweet thing.





More wedding photos to come... just wanted to share a few that capture the feeling in my heart today. Stay tuned - some pre wedding family shoots will be blogged later this week! :)