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The Amazing Grace Home | The sweet spots

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I've known of Colleen for many years. She's the director at the Women's Metro Center, a place where pregnant women can find hope, support and grace for their journey. Recently the Center bought a house and is renovating it.  Their vision is to offer a place of security - a home- to several pregnant women during their pregnancy. This home has been a dream of Colleen's for over 10 years, and she's SO thrilled to see it actually happening. God is doing amazing things there!! When I was in Minneapolis in August, she invited me to come visit, and take pictures of their progress.  


I wasn't really sure what to expect.



I knew she wanted photos of the home, the progress, and the construction, but when I asked her specifically what she was looking for, she said...



"I want you to find the sweet spots. The spots where these women will seek refuge. Peace. Hope. Answers. Find the little corners of beauty."



So I went on a search.



Where will these women go to be alone?



Where will they see beauty? Life? Hope?



Where will they sit and think about life? Jesus?



And in the midst of my search...



I started seeing things differently.



Because often a house just isn't a house. It's a home. A place where life happens. Where changes take place.



These two lovely ladies have put so much work into making this a home. Colleen, on the left, and Meredith (her and her husband will be the "parents" at this home), on the right.



After photos, Colleen shared her incredible story with me. I was blown away - this woman is being used of God in awesome ways!!



And then they prayed - as they so often do. For the pregnant women that will live there, for peace, for hope...



And that this house will be more than a house - but a real home. Full of grace.


To see more info and see more progress on the Metro Women's Center on the Amazing Grace home, you can check out their facebook page here: