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When heaven agrees

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Sometimes when you stop for gas...  


You see things. Like pretty light and pretty trees.



And sometimes you have a husband with you... who happens to be a handy model. (With gorgeous eyes.)



And then he takes the camera from you... and you get this weird look on your face.



(Is that supposed to be a smile?)



But thankfully... your husband isn't shy.



And apparently...



Neither are your friends.



Because when you ask them to go outside and shoot... you get looks like this.






And when you ask them to be cute and silly...



And act all road-trippy...  (it's a new word!)



Well... then they do.






And then you decide...



Enough of them. Let's take some of all of us!


And so you do.



And when you leave... heaven agrees with you.



Road trips are no fun without pictures.



Happy Monday!!