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There aren't many families who giggle as much as they do. 

It starts with mom and dad, and quickly the infectious laughter makes its way to their children. 


In a home where laughter and adventures are encouraged.... 

Personality flourishes!! (Can't you tell??)

Photographing these crazy four is always such a wild and wonderful event, and I barely have to tell them what to do! 

When we got to our location, this little man came right over and immediately thanked me for photographing his family - apparently he enjoys being in front of the camera... :) 


When choosing the location for our shoot, we wanted a place with unique texture and wide open spaces for the evening sun to stream in. Parking garages may seem like ugly buildings, but photography is all about light, and this place had heaps of soft, lovely sunshine! 

Not to mention lots of giggles! 

So sweet!

I put the kids in charge of helping me make mom and dad smile, but these lovebirds don't need any encouragement. Joy just bubbles out! 

A photo shoot isn't complete without some solid snuggles! 

Erin and Travis, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your lovely family yet again! It's always such a privilege to watch and document the graceful way you interact with your children. Love you guys! :)