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A decade is a long time. So much can happen in ten years. People change, families grow, and love can be nurtured and deepened. 

When Stacey emailed me and said that this year she was celebrating ten lovely years of marriage with her sweet husband, I knew our photo shoot would be extra special! 

With the girls in white and the boys in blue suspenders, I just about squealed with delight when we met for their session! 

I MEAN... How precious is this?? 

I love how photogenic these two are!! 

And.... we couldn't call it a photo shoot unless we got mama and her precious little ones! 

So sweet!

When I asked Stacey how they made it ten years, she was beautifully honest: not every season was easy, but they got to make it through everything together. 

And together they will continue to face whatever comes their way. 

It really was a beautiful evening to celebrate their love for each other, and to reminisce about the day ten years ago when they put these rings on each other's fingers and promise that they'd take on life together no matter what it brought them. 

I walked away feeling immense appreciation for this job. For this opportunity to connect with strangers and hear their stories. To catch a glimpse of their connection with a glance and to see the depth of trust with a little hand being held. To play with the kids and swap stories with the parents and learn a little bit more about the beauty of life with each click of my camera. 

And for that, I'm so very thankful. 

Stacey and Justin, THANK YOU so so much for allowing me to capture your family yet again! You two have created such a beautiful family and I simply love spending time with all of you!! Congratulations on your first ten years of marriage, and I can't wait to see what the next ten have in store for you! :)