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The day before the day before | MN trip

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I'm in Minnesota for my dad's surgery tomorrow. It's been a long wait, and it'll be an even longer wait tomorrow.  


This fall marks the 3 year anniversary of his diagnosis.



I'll never forget that day - October 27th - the day we found out he had cancer.



More importantly, I'll never forget the man that he is.



In honor of that, and in honor of my parents... we did a quick photo shoot last night. :)



My mother, as much as she may loudly protest, is extremely photogenic!



And the way they interact makes me want to cry.



It's just so beautiful.






And as crazy as it might be... to do an "engagement" shoot with two 50 year olds...



It was worth it.



Cause they're actually hilarious.



And I know they'll never regret have memories like this.



Not just memories in their heads...



But memories in their hands.



Once we got home from the shoot, the rest of my siblings came over.



And daddy got some cuddle time. :)



(I couldn't decide which one I'd rather do... hold this adorable baby, or take pictures of this adorable baby....)



And then we went outside.



And played with dirty nuts.



And made some more memories.















We ended the evening with prayer... as a family. Over our family.



And took a family picture(minus my oldest brother and his family - Miss you guys tons!!).



That was yesterday.


I took pictures of dad at the hospital today, but I'll wait to post them tomorrow. For those of you who would like to stay updated of dad's progress and surgery outcome, you can follow his CaringBridge here. I'll be posting updates there during his surgery tomorrow. Thankful for all your prayers!