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I love seniors.  


And I love weddings.



But there's nothing I love more... than photographing a family.



Maybe it's because I'm so close to my own family, even though they're all so far away.



Maybe it's because of the intense connections I see in a family.



I really don't think anything I say will come close to describing it.



This God instituted unit that we call a family is breathtaking.



He has such good ideas.



Seeing all the different personalities...



From adorable little boys...






To shy little girls...



And sweet parents...



All blended together into one unit... it's simply beautiful.



Every part of me wants to create a space for families to relax, enjoy and cherish each other.



Whether they get family pictures done once a year...



Or once a decade...



My passion is to help them remember.



Remember each moment. (Especially those moments when he refuses to look back, until dad calls, "Hey look, son! Spiderman!")



Next year, this family will be different.



They'll be older, wiser, more mature, and have more experiences...



But next year is a long time from now.



Breathe in today.



Remember it.



Not just with words, but with images.






Cherish your family today.