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Kelly and Colton

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Usually, it's pretty obvious when two people are in love.  


You can always catch the smile in their eyes.



The way they hold on... never wanting to let go.



As a photographer... those times are the best.



Because then I get to act like I'm not there.



As soon as they look at each other... it's like I'm invisible.



And if there was a scale of how lost a couple gets when they look at each other.... Kelly and Colton would probably set the standard.



Kelly told me in her email, "I don't think there is anyone else i could imagine photographing my wedding. You are like the epitome of what i was looking for in a photographer! I hope that someday i could take pictures just like you!"



We were a match for sure.



With Kelly's winsome smile, laid back eagerness, and hidden super model talents....



And Colton's gentleness, his quiet strength, and simple encouragement...



Well... let's just say their session was a pretty good addition to my birthday last week. :)



Kelly... you really are a model.



No, like really!!






And I loved all your crazy ideas... especially the "let's blow the dandelion" idea! :)









I'm absolutely THRILLED to be photographing your wedding next spring!



I'm sure it will be a day full of many adventures...



Sweet intimate moments...



And lots of laughter. :)



Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph you both! Praying that you guys have a Β fantastic last few months as single people! :)