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Why you should hire a professional photographer

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I don't consider myself un-photogenic. In fact, although I have qualms about being in front of the camera, I sometimes like the pictures that are taken of me.


For my birthday last Wednesday (yay for the big 21!), my adorable husband got me a free photoshoot and free 10x30..... with... (wait for it!).... Sears.

As in... the place where you go to buy tools (at least I think so).

I was shocked. And horrified. See, my husband is an Indian. And that means that he gets all the best deals in town - including that free photoshoot with Sears (with the 10x30 - can't forget the 10x30!!). He knows how much I hate JCPenney, Target, Walmart, and Sears Portrait studios... so he thought it'd be a grand 'ol time for a "fake" date. At Sears. On a white background. In a corny pose.

(Side note. I'm not trying to be mean, it just so happens that Sears did a horrible job on the photos. Side note #2. We've never gone on a let's-make-fun-of-those-people date before... and I doubt we ever will. I really hate making fun of people.... but it just so happens that... well... Sears did a horrible job on the photos. Side note #3. Our photographer could've just been having a rough day. We've all had those. You can make that call. Side note #4. I don't believe in using other people's weaknesses to make me look better... but it just so happens... you get the picture. No pun intended.)

For the sake of not being a snob, I decided against taking my camera.



Do you have a queasy stomach? Than don't look here:   (If you have issues viewing the photos, our session number is: 121099 and the password is FJPPC.)


So, for all of you that would prefer not to go to Sears...  Here's another reminder - I'll be in Minneapolis, MN from September 21-October 1st. Send me an email at and we'll hook up for some pictures - minus the white background. :)

Happy Tuesday!